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History of the association

On December 12th 2003, an association was founded under the name DRAMATHERAPIE.CH with the aim of promoting the development of dramatherapy in Switzerland and promoting its recognition as a profession in its own right. Within the framework of the evolution of the professional policy, the association has become more and more professional over the years thanks to the admission of dramatherapy as a federally recognized arts therapy specialization and the establishment of the Dramatherapy Training Institute St. Gallen ( BildungsInstitut GmbH).

By collaborating with the latter, it is in close touch with the concerns of the practicing dramatherapists in Switzerland.

Today, the professional association represents dramatherapists in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. It is part of the umbrella organisation OdA ARTECURA and works closely with the training institute in St. Gallen. Internationally, it networks with the European Federation of Dramatherapy and the World Alliance of Dramatherapy.

Aims of the association

The Swiss Professionnal DramaTherapy Association has the following aims :

  • To represent the political interests of the profession of dramatherapists who have a federal diploma, a branch certificate or a diploma recognised as such by our association and whose specificialisation is called drama and speech art therapy, as well as the political interests of cousellors/coaches/supervisors who have completed a further education in dramatherapy and who work with dramatherapeutic techniques.
  • To oranise the annual professionnal dramatherapy day on relevant topics.
  • To support professional exchange among members
  • To disseminate information about dramatherapy as well as professional literature and related scientific research in Switzerland.
  • To engage in international connection with organisations and professionals active in the field of dramatherapy and other creative methods.

Professional policy

We are members of the professional umbrella association OdA ARTECURA, which represents our interests and needs vis-à-vis interest groups in the field of the arts therapies, develops professional support concepts, ethical guidelines and marketing strategies, and ensures the professionalism and quality of our profession.
The work of its committee helps to establish a dialogue and consensus between all arts therapies associations in Switzerland.

We are a member of the European Federation of Dramatherapy, we are networked with various European dramatherapy associations as well as with the World Alliance of Dramatherapy.

Most of our members are trained at the BildungInstitut, and we work closely with its management.

The committee, representative and consultant
Anne-Cécile Moser
Anne-Cécile Moser

Chair / Communication - Secretariat

Eliane Scheibler

Vice-President / Liaison OdA Artecura

Sonia Zbinden

Treasurer / Liaison OdA Artecura

Lucy Newman
Lucy Newman

International relations EFD / Committee member / Liaison DTI

Tania Coulon

Validation of continuing education / List of OdA Artecura therapists

Yvonne Tissot


Catherine Travelletti
Catherine Travelletti


Anna Massini

Representative OdA ARTECURA / Member of the OdA ARTECURA board

Brigitte Spörri Weilbach


Why join the SPADT?

To meet Swiss and international professional dramatherapists, to share the problems specific to the profession, to benefit from the support of the association, to be kept up to date on the news concerning the profession in Switzerland, to participate in the General Assembly and the professional day where you will be able to benefit from a half-day training with a professional dramatherapist recognized in the field.

  • Be connected
  • Defend the professionalization of dramatherapy
  • Make dramatherapy and our network known beyond the association
  • Be visible on the list of Oda Artecura therapists as dramatherapist
  • Be connected to a Swiss and international network of dramatherapists who face the same challenges as you do: both those of ordinary reality and those of dramatic reality
  • Benefit from links to quality continuing education with the pioneers of dramatherapy
  • Create intervision groups with dramatherapists who work with the same populations as you
  • Expand the field of possibilities by meeting with theater artists and professionals from the health sector or elsewhere who have chosen to engage in this field

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